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Tuesday, 28 July 2015 12:13

Rock, paper, scissors.

By  Kirsty Cockerill
Rock, paper, scissors, wrote the one-eyed Fly

Why? Said the Tadpole, why write ever, why?

Because, send the Fly, rock, paper, scissors can.

Since when, said the Tadpole? Rhyming word: saucepan.

What does a saucepan have to do with a rock?!

That’s cheating, said the one-eyed Fly, disgruntled, in shock.

Not much said the Tadpole, as I am not yet a frog.

But when I grow up, and become a frog

I will choose the saucepan over the fire

A choice between rock and hard place, will then be quiet dire.

Ohhh, said the one-eyed Fly…. extrapolate if you must

Rock, paper, scissors, regardless you will make dust.

Yes, said the Tadpole, but first I would fry with garlic and butter,

And taste good, and make a French man fatter.

And I, said the one-eyed Fly, will write about this matter.

With the rock out the way. Scissors, paper, wrote the one-eyed Fly.

But why scissors and paper? Said the Tadpole, why?

Oh come on, said the one-eyed Fly, stop being didactic,

It is metaphorical, poetic, it is... dramatic.

Okay, said the Tadpole, but why do you only have one eye?

I was attacked with rock, paper, scissors, that said the Fly, is why.

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