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Monday, 18 January 2016 15:05


It’s early evening

We’re sitting in front of

the Hofburg in Vienna

Watching a dance class

do the tango


Arms linked and

still skin-warm

from the July sun –

The music and the breeze


a welcome rhythm


I prickle

Seeing arms and legs


And I want us to be that

one couple –

that woman in red, that man in blue, pressed close


Instead I rest my

head on your shoulder

And feel the breath in your chest

come and go


go and come –

a comforting tune from within


And that is enough.

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Kirby Manià

Kirby Manià holds an MA in Modern Literature and Culture from the University of York and a PhD in English from the University of the Witwatersrand. She currently teaches English and critical literacy to first year students in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at Wits. Her creative work has been published in the South African literary journal, New Contrast, and the online African literary magazines, Brittle Paper and The Kalahari Review.

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