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Wednesday, 14 November 2012 21:04

Notify Me When This Regiment of Life is Lost

People of this region,

where all lifestyles are free,
and cynicism is lost.

We are close to the machine,
Who gives a second life to man.

The roads were said to be green, and
the spiritual world already configured.
Instead, we are full of high-school stiffness and mystery.

They say the government is currently busy, but
protection is still promised.

The greedy and bitter are afraid
of human progress. Blinded by
their fear of the unique.

Hate is process, yet
so similar to despise.

They say there is a place for everyone
who is rich and can provide
who is young and attractive
(For the sake of common job security).

Uncomfortable - such is the life.
Violence - not lost or denied.
Freedom - not used.

I specify, that when you disagree
you will be wrong.

Through language we agreed
against hatred and intolerance.
Which willed the cause for science and progress,
and gave need for love and happiness
and for you - actually.
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shane Jezowski

We Will, by Shane Jezowski



Website: www.shanesculpture.com
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