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Friday, 19 April 2013 12:03

Nat Geo

Who made Jaguar
Who killed Jaguar
Who watched Jaguar
Who saw Jaguar?

And did you pursue the jaguar?

Brown bear in the snow.
People marvel and take photos.
Remember this, remember this.
Creatures, always do.

Jack-Ass penguin,
so proud.
You have more to crow about
than we.

A baby –
baby tiger, baby acorn,
ancient dog.

You soap your child,
all those hurts.

Once this world they say
was humanless.

Once wind ruled,
and grasses.

We are blessed to be
the least wondrous of all
the ones who made the world,
who fought and raped it.

I come from this place unbearable
unfettered by absolutes
unsure even of my room

Am I The Jaguar?

lost to mystery,
but waiting.
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Jana van Niekerk

Previously published in ITCH: A poem called Amniocentesis, with accompanying visuals (a painting of mine called Mother's Day) in e.ISSUE 9

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