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Sunday, 14 June 2015 18:39

My Other Life

I am better at my other life,

where no-one is dead,

where sadness doesn’t press

its cold weight into my sternum

creep along my clavicle,

breathe into my spine.


Where my mother remembers

to wear matching shoes

and doesn’t need someone to

hold her hand

while she looks for a will,

the deeds to the house.


Where we don’t have to hear

condolences fall like heavy stones

into the dry well of our grief.

Where I don’t feel my own mortality

at night: black sky, stars,

the milky way.
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Kerry Hammerton

Kerry Hammerton has published poetry in various South African and UK literary journals. These are the lies I told you, her debut poetry collection, was published by Modjaji Books in 2010. Some of her poems appear in the anthology Difficult to Explain, (2010 Finuala Dowling ed.) Other poems appear in the following anthologies: Africa, My Africa (2013 Patricia Schonstein ed.), For a Rhino in a Shrinking World (2013 Harry Owen ed.), Heart of Africa (2014 Patricia Schonstein ed.), and Hallelujah for 50ft Women (Bloodaxe Books 2015). The Weather Report, her second collection, was published in 2014.

Website: www.kerryhammerton.com
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