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Tuesday, 14 July 2015 15:59

Left in the dark

in the shower

when the power voltage is too high

zzzzztttzsss – swishh – zzzittttzzz

I am left tingling

top to toe and shaking

awake for a brave new day


the electrician has done his best

but says

his hands are now tied


and he can do no more


enter stage right

two technicians (drum roll)

from the electricity department

of Makana municipality

who are paid to do the job

but not at ten a.m.

for that is tea-time


of course


briefly they work later

finding nothing amiss

“Asiyazi” they say

and the private electrician


to show them the fault:


the voltmeter reading is too high

we are lucky to be alive

something must be fixed

what is it?


it is nearly four thirty

time to pack up!

they chaila and we

are left



that night

in the dark

a larney Beer-eM-Weer

pulls up outside


I greet the nice man through the fence

he tells me he is the supervisor

off-duty, just driving past.

“This is sabotage!” he complains,

“they have left you without power.”

“I will be back,” he promises, driving off.

we don’t hold our breath

and he is not


the next day, a new team

begins all over again


they disappear for lunch at one

and never return

for it is Friday

and they chaila early


that was last week

we are still waiting


it is shocking!


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