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Thursday, 31 October 2013 13:05

How I Hate You

How I hate you, other girl,
is not how I hate myself.

It’s not even how I hate the story
you want to hear while we bunk PE,

imagining me soaking at your shoulder
like it is a desert and my apology is the hose.

I am not some rubber attached to a tap.
I am not even the tap.

I am the whole fucking hydration system.

I am the reservoir dug low in your thinking
and piped back through your brain.

I am the structure that keeps you flicking
and alive,

that gives you the sense to even know you
are in pain.

I am the dam. You build me because you want me.

You see your own face, which is never my face,
across the surface of it and understand

that how I hate you
is how I look at you at all.


Genna Gardini

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