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Wednesday, 14 November 2012 16:05

Even Dirt With a Little Glitter

If a rock is hard and black
If a tree is large and soft
Must it be granite at heart?
Baobab inside?
Must you scorn it from far,
"Miserable Baobab, thou art ungainly fat"
And condescend upon immovable rock,
"Poor thee, I understand thy stubborn stock"?

None is what it seems
Thorns sprout by tenderest apples
And there are the juiciest melons on desert soil.
Who would have thought!

You'll find your tongue as strayed
As a waif any day
To look at me and judge
Or shower me in praise,
And the leaning Tower of Pisa
Would laugh still at your skewed opinion;
And for judgment, why, you will be bankrupt!

But I wish you the sight
To see steel in a bean pole
To smell perfume in the communal urinal
For contaminated are we all
Even dirt, with
A little glitter.
Though we jibe and fuss
How thoroughgoing we are
We are breeds crossed of something bad
And something worse.

To insult me, then,
Crack my oak bark
Stand my eucalyptus scent
The itch of baobab sap
And pinch of falling thorns.
Still, borrow a giraffe's neck
For my ego sits high on my uppermost twigs
And deep in my pithy stem.
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Waiganjo Ndirangu

A poem 'When I Be' and a short story, 'I Will Not Get Angry' have been published in the last three years.

Website: www.upraisingwriting.blogspot.com
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