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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 02:00

The I on iPod

By  Gabriela Pimenta
I used to think that the women in my family were witches. And our power usually was greater when we were together. Something like a team, or the X-Men. Can you picture it? My grandmother had this strong intuition and I always admired her for being so sensitive about people around her. She seemed to know everyone so well just by looking and paying attention to them all the time. I thought that was a really special gift.

As I got older and tried to be like her, I discovered that my grandmother's powers weren't gifts from God or a special talent. She always worked super hard to be like that: she always worked hard to pay attention to people.  

In a world that moves so crazily and time passes so fast, we seem to have no time to actually pay attention. The newspapers and magazines are always with so much to publish that the really important things and facts get indistinguishable. The marvelous Google can do almost everything for us. We are always listening to our iPods so we don't hear people's voices anymore. And now we are too lazy to even turn the pages of a book or wait for it to be published in a hard cover. We are alone, with our technologies.Idiosyncrasies of the modern life, I guess.

I'm not against technology and all, but I'm tired of this disguised pleasure in having it all, and not having yourself.

One day, we humans, we will miss all the grandmothers that paid attention, who knew our personalities not our Facebook statuses. That knew our favorite music, color and flavor. We will miss it when words could be unnecessary and not forgettable or even listened to.

I wonder if we are too focused on the news on the TV, on getting the new Apple product or on being fashionable and we have begun to forget who we are in fact. And most importantly: we are forgetting to look to the people around us. How many neighbors do you know by their first names? It is like the music says: "It's a bittersweet symphony this life, trying to make ends meet, you're a slave to the money then you die...". We just forget how to know people and their personalities. We know what they do for living and which celebrity they want to look like (and probably how many plastic surgeries they were submitted to look like some Jolie-of-the-moment), but we can't say if they're happy or sad behind their everyday smiles.

Once I got to see Constantin Brancusi's art. And I just couldn't stop staring at a sculpture made in 1916 called "The Kiss". It is such a simple sculpture made from clay, I think. All we can see is two people kissing each other. That simplicity took my breath away. Because in that simplicity those two people, theirs 'I's' were complete. At that kissing moment they had everything they truly needed. Looking at the sculpture I could see how much they knew each other. Even with their eyes closed. But that happened in 1916 and they didn't have Blackberries, iPads or ADD.So please, just for today, take your headphones off and listen to yourself. Pay attention to the voices, the smiles and the kissing around you. You'll notice how much you've been missing.
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  • Comment Link Ian Campos Martins Tuesday, 29 June 2010 02:00 posted by Ian Campos Martins

    It's terrible to see that everyone is focused on appearance and on what they have. To be and have real relationships it´s not important. I´m looking forward your next text. Congratulations.

  • Comment Link sushma joshi Tuesday, 22 June 2010 02:00 posted by sushma joshi

    thank you, that was a really good piece :-)

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