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Issue 20: VISION

As we trudge further into the political mire of 2017, it was refreshing to read so many works of positivity or, at the very least, extraordinary creativity. The wealth of talent and originality among our users and followers recalls once again the refuge of art: even in the darkest times it is in the humanity of inspiration that we can find comfort.

Your submissions ranged from the witty to the macabre, the melancholy to the analytical, making the task of compiling the issue much more about curation (what worked with what) rather than selection (what wasn’t good enough). In the end, we chose those pieces that hinted at the repercussions rather than the symbolic meaning of ‘vision’.

For vision, like any skill or gift of nature, remains an elusive project. This is why the word itself, a scientific term, has so many connotations. If only those we elected, those we’ve misunderstood perhaps, indeed our younger selves, had the vision we seek, deploy and express in artistic work.

Issue 20 also includes The Deliciousness of Lucerne by Wesley Thompson, this year’s winner of the Deon Hofmeyr Creative Writing Prize, a competition run by the English Department of the University of the Witwatersrand. We hope the publication here of the piece encourages our readers to enter the competition next year.

Thank you again for all your submissions, and enjoy the issue.

Elan Gamaker