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Karen Fitzgerald

Karen Fitzgerald

Website URL: www.FitzgeraldArt.com
Friday, 24 February 2017 07:52

Watching the Sky

Vision is a wide-reaching concept. With this piece, I'm merging the physical/literal idea of vision, (as in seeing) with the idea of en-visioning. Watching clouds crossing the sky provides for a quiet and dynamic witnessing of change. Seeing the very essence of change, as the sky and clouds coalesce, separate, bloom, plume and scatter, situates us within an active metaphor for the energy dynamics within our world. We have a vision of this always changing place while we envision it. 

I've used a 23k gold ground to suggest that what we are seeing in the painting is not just of this world, but also of the meta-physical world.  Paint is physical stuff that gets frozen into place when we paint. I hope that I've used this stuff in a way to suggest the dynamic quality of our skies; to envision the change apparent when we look up. 

Thursday, 14 January 2016 01:24

Breathing Trees

A vivid experience invariably involves most of the senses.  This image, Breathing Trees, conveys qualities of trees during a rain storm.  The energy of wind, moisture; and the trees accepting these, created a vivid witnessing for me.  My wish is that the gold conveys a sacred quality.  The round form of hte painting recalls not only our planet Earth, the unity within time and space experiences on Earth, but also the older traditions that utilized gold to stipulate something as sacred.  Communicating something that involves energy requires a nod to the vivid - it is the pathway that unifies sensory information, knowledge and idea into a whole expression.